New York Historical Context of Space and Buildings – The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society founding

Some photos that I had taken of a building in New York City that at one time housed the Genealogical Society . . . Over the doorway of this building is a stone-cut placard for the New York Genealogical Society. It appears over the doorway in the center of the photo’s view but to the … Continue reading

New York Life Insurance Building – Madison Square Garden original site – stories of New York

When I was in New York, some of the photos I took were to remind me of things to check when I got back home because I couldn’t remember what was so special about it. There was a feeling like, “I know that place. I’ve read about it.” But, I couldn’t remember what was the … Continue reading

Reflections of steel, skyglass and architecture abound in New York City

Nifty reflections bounce across building’s surfaces everywhere in New York City, many times making surprising contrasts and novel views . . . ***

Welcome to the New York City Cricket Guide from my walkabout in New York City

When I had come home from my walkabout in New York City, there were great photos and a lot of places that I felt when I was there had some significance but I didn’t remember what. So, I’ve been taking the photos occasionally and looking up the information about the places. And, I found some … Continue reading

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