Another Nifty New York Viewpoint – Just A Little Perspective

cricketdiane10 - NY - Day 4 - 175-2 cricketdiane photography New York City


cricketdiane10 - NY - Day 4 - 175-2 cricketdiane photography New York City

cricketdiane10 - NY - Day 4 - 175-2 cricketdiane photography New York City


I’ve been working on a website for things like the photograph above to be made available for people who would like to use them for their own profit-making efforts to have a way to make those arrangements. This particular image might not be great on 50,000 dish towels, but I don’t know – I’d buy one. In fact, I’d love to see that kind of kitchen art from it. That would be pretty nifty.

Not everything is one the site yet, but if you’ve seen something on one of my blogs or the New York City CricketDiane Walkabout sites and would like to make arrangements to use it for some handy commercial purpose, let me know here or at the new site or by email.

– cricketdiana


CricketDiane & Cricket House Studios website –


And, don’t forget to take a look at The America the Beautiful Show project websites when you get a chance –

this one has a lot of information about the project – but takes more time to take to explore it –


Going back to work on the website some more and work with the twitter account where you can holler at me, if you want – well, don’t hooop and holler, but that is where I’ll be if anyone wants to say hello –

at the America the Beautiful Show twitter page –


Lots of happenings lately. Much to do.

Later –



By the way, this photo that either Kazz or I took in New York was one of my favorites. We both kept swapping cameras, so there is not any telling which at this point. I stuck the cricketdiane name on it to be able to put it online with the acknowledgment that we own it but I’m not sure which of us took this wonderful look straight up into the New York November Sky of City Reflections.

Hope you like it as much as I do. Have a great weekend.



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