To eat or not to eat ….what’s the question that we are scared of

CARBS, SUGAR, VEGGIES AND FRUIT OH MY! Let it be known that I am a SUGAR-Holic. I love sweets, it’s my weakness. What’s worse is, I hate exercising. Well I hate sweating and panting and huffing and puffing away. But I like cake, and ice cream and pastries.  I can walk for miles with no … Continue reading

Loving the skin your in but arguing with your hair

As the weather in NYC gets decidedly cooler. I find myself applying lotion more often to keep my hands, knees and elbows from cracking or drying out. I can keep my and my family’s skin well moisturized with the wide array of lotion and smells. However, while I can keep my skin from drying out … Continue reading

Fashion in the BIG City – a Different look at some old favorites

Living in New York City, Filled with Tourist, City Dwellers, various people from out side the city – It can be fun to “People Watch” To see the various ways that People pair items, never really seeing the same thing twice. Of course you can see similar styles, but the pairings are completely unique to … Continue reading