Fashion in the BIG City – a Different look at some old favorites

Living in New York City, Filled with Tourist, City Dwellers, various people from out side the city – It can be fun to “People Watch”

To see the various ways that People pair items, never really seeing the same thing twice. Of course you can see similar styles, but the pairings are completely unique to the people whose wearing them.

Sometimes you can see pieces that were inspired by the architecture that fills this wonderful city. Other times you can see the cultural influences – African dress to Hip-Hop and beyond. As Seasons come and go, one can watch the colors change with the styles. In spring skirts and blouses break in pretty pastels free of the winter bleakness. As summer approaches the spring colors get brighter and bolder until summer gets here and everything reflects to wonderful heat in the city. Slowly and too soon summer comes to and in and the bright colors are given way to deeper bolder colors of fall and then into winter again. However, Winter doesn’t mean greys and blacks with over size coats, winter gets the same wonderful colors of spring and summer, in shades paler or bolder almost as if we are reminiscent of the warmer days of past or yet to come.

Each year the styles change, some stay the same, others come back and some I wish would die and never be resurrected. As a woman, there are items that I wish women and men would think twice about wearing outside or wearing at all. While I am a true believer that anybody should be allowed to wear what ever makes them pretty, Sometimes I wish they would think about the colors, textures, lines and styles that flatter them and not what their favorite celebrities are wearing. Clothes are meant to be flattering to the form, but also you to your self pride and images that we have of our selves.
however while people watching, one group of women continue to surprise me and amuse me for their on going tenacity and struggle for style and fashion BBW (thats Big Beautiful Women) and even Big Men. Having been a big girl most of my life -through out high school, college and into some of my ongoing adult life – I know that finding clothes that make you feel youthful, fun, vibrant and not gloopy or maternal. Even as stores have started to really accommodate their growing clientel, it is still hard to find the styles and prices that the thinner clientel gets. Five dollar pants or a two dollar tank is almost ALWAYs two to three times that for sizes above ten, Yes I know that is argued by the reason that it takes more fabric to make, but really how much fabric is being used for something thats a scrap of material in the first place and tears after one washing?
Still I love watching BBW find and style their clothes in a way that has made me jealous, As I was never able to get such wonderful styles, colors and fashion to work for me. At a young age I found that black was my best color and has stayed my favorite color even as I have lost the weight that I felt terrorized me in my youth. and young adult life. As I struggle to get myself to wear other clothes of other colors, styles and fashion – I still get into that mind set of wanting to look like the magazines or some celebrity. When I catch myself doing that, I stop go find a bench somewhere in the busy city and People watch. I watch the business executives running around in suits trying to get the job done, The up and comers, whose got tattoos displayed and unique hair style that just screams individual. Even the tourist can bring me from a bleak mood of self deprivation – Its one of the best things about living in a Big city, you can always find a place to just stop, smell the roses and watch the styles pass and the seasons change.


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