Loving the skin your in but arguing with your hair

As the weather in NYC gets decidedly cooler. I find myself applying lotion more often to keep my hands, knees and elbows from cracking or drying out. I can keep my and my family’s skin well moisturized with the wide array of lotion and smells. However, while I can keep my skin from drying out and cracking, my hair and that of my niece seems to be constantly fine and dry.

Oh we use various products, Organix oils, Moracan oils, Aragan Cremes – good conditioners and not washing your hair every time you bathe. Still our hair is fine, brittle and most often dry. I have taken my Ethnic friends advice on conditioning, oiling and maintaining dry frizzy hair. That’s not meant to be a racist comment BTW. Growing up in white communities I was taught very different on how to maintain my hair and what it was suppose to look  like from that of my Black, Hispanic and Asian   friends. I know growing up in the south very few if any of my Black friends would use VO5, but they did use Pink. Some of that is because up until a few years ago, that was the only ‘ethnic soap’ you could get, everything else was Pantene, Treseme, etc. When I came to NYC though, I found the market was bigger with more array of items available for EVERYONE. It was Fantastic. Yet even as I have had my hair corn-rolled with oils to keep my hair and scalp from drying, my hair still is dry and brittle most days.

But there is hope as I have learned and applied various items and techniques to my hair. One I stopped dying my hair as often -every 6 weeks. Now I try to get 12 weeks out before I HAVE to dye my hair. Its hard at 27 My original hair color is very grey and dull- some of it is from the years – 14+ years of dying my hair, and some of it is the unfortunate genetics and side effects of stress. i also blow dry and hot iron my hair, and even that I have tried to limit the expose I use for such. also anytime heat is applied to my hair i try to ensure that I am using some version of oil with a heat protector -Treseme’s hot ironing spray is wonderful, Bed Head’s Blow drying spray is another. And a spritz or two of the Olive oil sheen spray and I am happy with the results.

My niece how ever is decidedly a little more difficult, her hair is fine and dry and She doesn’t always listen to what you tell her to do with her hair. It has been contention for awhile to do her hair. She’s at the age where she wants to do it herself. I am at an age where I just want it done right the first time and move on from their. Still i find myself letting her do her own hair, as I do with my daughter who is younger. I get to the point where I will with both of them take over and finish it in the way i would like their hair to look. Dove Leave in treatments and Once a week hot oil treatments  do take away a portion of the arguments in doing my nieces hair. Still we argue about some hair styles that are just not yet possible. Its disappointing I know, even as I do her cousins hair in the hair style. We have discussed the importance of patience and persistence. Then we get another hair style just for her and make her feel just as special with extra bows and hair accessories.

so the moral of this story – what I learned as a kid while has some merit in my adult life – is maybe not the best skills I have learned. Take everyone’s opinion in and see what could work. Other people have dealt with dry hair, brittle hair and fine hair longer than I have and they do have some tried and true skills their. Keep an eye on whats in the market, as more people are being catered to through the market, many things from other countries and from other cultures are now being used and applied to the market. But always remember,   You have to try it before you bag it.


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