To eat or not to eat ….what’s the question that we are scared of


Let it be known that I am a SUGAR-Holic. I love sweets, it’s my weakness. What’s worse is, I hate exercising. Well I hate sweating and panting and huffing and puffing away. But I like cake, and ice cream and pastries.  I can walk for miles with no problems but to get me to the gym to work on my core is like pulling teeth. I have started to do more workouts at home in my ‘down time’ and stopped hitting sugar laced items so much in a day. *_*That means I hide my receipts for brownies and no-bake cookies, and stop myself from getting two scoops of ice cream and stick to one once a week.

Still that brings Me back to the question, what to eat? I try to make many things from scratch to avoid the chemicals and highly processed foods that can gunk up the veins. But at the same time I don’t always have the time, energy or desire to make stuff from scratch. So where does that leave me when I am trying to figure out what the hell is good or yummy to eat among the chemicals and nutrients that the foods can or should provide.

First I try to stay away from MSG, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup and other things that I have deemed not the thing I would want to eat or that someone at the table is allergic to eating. Garlic for instance, is an allergen for my mother and is in EVERYTHING practically. But I am not always making stuff for her to eat or for my daughter. Sometimes I am making it strictly for me to meet the various nutrient requirements I need – My veggies, fruits, proteins, and fats all have certain amounts I need to ensure that my body continues to work in correct order. I try to keep things simple and have my requirements all together every time I eat …..

– written by Kazz, guest author


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